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Here you can discover what the campaign is about, keep in touch with the latest news and witness some of the exciting local partnerships and activities we’re developing. You can also read articles and tips on how to support your child’s literacy development. Find out more.

Latest news

Dads overcome obstacles to supporting their young children’s literacy development
Dads in West Bradford are being challenged to overcome hurdles to developing their pre-school children’s literacy skills by taking part in an outdoor obstacle course and sharing stories with their children. Find out more.   
Hanson Pupils inspired to write poetry through Hub's 'Our Stories' programme
Hanson Academy in Bradford recently took part in a literacy programme called Our Stories. Developed through the National Literacy Trust Hub in Bradford, it addresses one of the initiative’s priorities to foster a love of creative writing in young people, with a particular focus on boys. Teacher Stacy Walsh ran the programme for one of the school’s Year 8 English sets who were failing to achieve their potential. Find out more.   
MP Lucy Powell visits the National Literacy Trust Hub in Bradford following positive first year report on literacy attitudes in the district
The Shadow Secretary of State for Education is to visit Bradford to see first-hand the work of the National Literacy Trust Hub in Bradford on Wednesday 20 April.Lucy Powell MP’s visit follows the publication ofencouraging reports on local children’s literacy skills following a survey on the Hub’s work. Find out more.   
Bradford’s budding bards show pride for their city in ‘Love Bradford’ poetry competition
The winners of a poetry competition who penned verse about life in Bradford have been announced by the National Literacy Trust Hub in Bradford. Find out more.   
The importance of making poetry relevant to pupils
Poetry is one of those eternal battles English teachers take on. Pupils can sometimes be apathetic, and woefully unappreciative of the relevance of the power of words and reluctant to step outside their comfort zone of popular culture to access something different. It is then that as adults we must bridge that gap and vault over into the MTV-infused world of teenagers and take a leap of faith for our pupils. Find out more.   

For parents

Festive funFestive fun
Build on your child’s excitement this festive season and help their literacy development over the holidays. Find out more.
Technology and under 5sTechnology and under 5s
Tips for how to help your young children get the most out of technology. Find out more.
Getting boys to writeGetting boys to write
Author Simon Mayo supports our campaign for parents, with tips to encourage boys to enjoy writing. Find out more.
Songs and RhymesSongs and Rhymes
Words and actions to some popular songs and nursery rhymes which you can enjoy with your child. Find out more.
Helping your child with reading
Did you know that as a parent you can make all the difference to your child’s communication skills? By spending time with your children, speaking and reading with them you can really help them develop key literacy skills. To find out more, click here.
Join the libraryJoin the library together
Did you know that there are 25 public libraries and 5 community led/voluntary libraries in Bradford? It’s free to join and every child can get their own library card. You can borrow up to 25 items including books and stories on CD\tape, MP3s amd DVDs. There are also E-Audio books free to download for library members. You can also use the internet. Find your nearest library here.

Over to you

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Family Learning Festival

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National Media Museum

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 

Join Alice on her adventures through Cliffe Castle, as she tries to find the White Rabbi

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